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Steve Jobs

Title: Steve Jobs
Rating: 5
Author: Walter Isaacson
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4853-9
Pages: 627
Format: Hardcover
Started: ~2013-09-01
Finished: ~2013-09-29

I've known a little bit about Steve Jobs, but after reading this book (which my wife gave me as a gift), I'm surprised to find out just how driven and volatile the man was. Although he was a visionary, and managed to push some fantastic ideas into being, I have to say that I'm thoroughly and unpleasantly amazed at just how horrible he could be towards others. I have very strong mixed feelings after reading this book. There are some things about him that absolutely inspired me, and other things that are very much an example of how I do NOT want to be. It is definitely a powerful and moving book, and highly recommend reading it.

NOTE: I use a 0 to 5 system to rate what I've read. A book or article that has no rating at all is either waiting to be finished, or I've not had the chance to rate it yet.
 0 = I disliked the book, and do not recommend it at all.
 1 = The book was just tolerable enough to finish.
 2 = The book was okay but nothing to write home about.
 3 = The book was fair enough to read at least once.
 4 = The book was enjoyable and definitely worth reading.
 5 = I thoroughly enjoyed the book or it had a lasting impact.

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