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Near-Death Experiences, the Rest of the Story

Title: Near-Death Experiences, the Rest of the Story
Rating: 2
Author: P.M.H. Atwater
ISBN: 978-1-60671-205-4
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover
Started: ~2013-09-29
Finished: 2013-10-12

I was disappointed by this book. I had hoped that it would be more useful, because it purports to be an observational analysis of near death experiences. Unfortunately, it also contains a bunch of unsubstantiated “New Age Hooplah”. As far as the observation goes, it does show that there are a lot of common elements in these experiences. But the hokum far outweighs the worth of the book. Don't bother taking it out of the library, and definitely don't buy it!

NOTE: I use a 0 to 5 system to rate what I've read. A book or article that has no rating at all is either waiting to be finished, or I've not had the chance to rate it yet.
 0 = I disliked the book, and do not recommend it at all.
 1 = The book was just tolerable enough to finish.
 2 = The book was okay but nothing to write home about.
 3 = The book was fair enough to read at least once.
 4 = The book was enjoyable and definitely worth reading.
 5 = I thoroughly enjoyed the book or it had a lasting impact.

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