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IPv6: The future is now!

I've been intrigued and learning about IPv6 for somewhat over a year now, and I started implementing and using it on my home LAN for some six months ago When I first started to implement it, I discovered that the Linksys WRT610n wireless router I was using as the network's main router has a half-assed implementation of a IPv6 tunnel. Normally I wouldn't print anything approaching such profanity on my web site, but it is the perfect description of what Linksys (Cisco) did: They made the router firmware so that a 6to4 tunnel is enabled, but they didn't document it, nor did they give the user the option of disabling it as part of the normal web interface. In my opinion, that merits the “half-assed” moniker.

Fortunately, someone else was equally ticked off by this, and had acquired the GPL sources to the router, and discovered an undocumented page that can be used to disable it. And just in case that site ever goes down, here's the fix in a nutshell: Access the hidden menu page (http://your_router's_ip/System.asp) and set the Vista Premium option to Disable.

In light of this crap, and because I had bought a Mikrotik RB750G router with which I was now familiar, I made two recent changes to my home network: 1) I now use the RB750G as the network's main router, and 2) I configured it to host my IPv6 tunnel. I'll be giving a very brief “HowTo” talk about configuring the tunnel on it at the TriLUG meeting next month, and I've posted the “slides” here.

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