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Here's the part of my site where I get to tell you what I've been up to, what I'm currently doing, what I may be into down the pike, or anything I might feel like expressing in a somewhat public fashion. If you see something here and have questions or thoughts that you'd like to communicate to me, you can use my contact form or look up my contact info here.

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The Sign and the Seal

Title: The Sign and the Seal
Rating: 3
Author: Graham Hancock
ISBN: 0-517-57813-1
Pages: 600
Format: hardcover
Started: 2012-03-03
Finished: 2012-04-14

This book was an interesting bit of non-fiction. In short, it detailed the author's search for the lost Ark of the Covenent. In its own way it tied in quite nicely with the “Knights of the Black and White” that I read a while ago, as it tells of clues left by the Templars as to where the ark can be found today.

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!

Title: You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!
Rating: 5
Author: Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo
ISBN: 978-0-743-28894-1
Pages: 336
Format: paperback
Started: 2012-03-21
Finished: 2012-04-08

Another book about ADD/ADHD. This one is chock full of information, all directed towards living successfully with ADD. The more I learn about this, the more I understand how lucky I am to have learned successful coping mechanisms early on in life, and that my ADD is very mild compared to many.

Standard of Honor

Title: Standard of Honor
Rating: 4
Author: Jack Whyte
ISBN: 978-0-399-15429-4
Pages: 614
Format: hardcover
Started: 2012-03-19
Finished: 2012-03-25

The second of a “trilogy-in-the-making”. I enjoyed this one as much as the first. Not as much of a mystery, this one builds on the main character and his ideas of honour and how they are challenged throughout his life.

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD

Title: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
Rating: 5
Author: Russell A. Barkley, PhD with Christine M. Benton
ISBN: 978-1-60623-338-2
Pages: 294
Format: paperback
Started: 2012-03-06
Finished: 2012-03-13

This book takes a very pragmatic approach, and has lots of helpful information. I plan on buying a copy, because it's more of a long-term workbook approach, covering different facets of life and how ADHD affects them and how to work with each.

The Everything Health Guide to Adult ADD/ADHD

Title: The Everything Health Guide to Adult ADD/ADHD
Rating: 5
Author: Carole Jacobs and Isadore Wendel, PhD, MSCP
ISBN: 978-1-60550-999-0
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
Started: 2012-03-01
Finished: 2012-03-09

Another book with helpful information about ADHD. This one has more details about learning to successfully adapt to having ADHD and treating it (also it's more recently published, so it covers some treatment advances). I like that it has information and advice for family members in dealing with a loved one who suffers from ADHD.


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 1 = The book was just tolerable enough to finish.
 2 = The book was okay but nothing to write home about.
 3 = The book was fair enough to read at least once.
 4 = The book was enjoyable and definitely worth reading.
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