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Here's the part of my site where I get to tell you what I've been up to, what I'm currently doing, what I may be into down the pike, or anything I might feel like expressing in a somewhat public fashion. If you see something here and have questions or thoughts that you'd like to communicate to me, you can use my contact form or look up my contact info here.

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the green blue book

Title: the green blue book
Rating: 3
Author: Thomas M. Kostigen
ISBN: 978-1-60529-471-1
Pages: 210
Format: paperback
Started: 2013-02-11
Finished: 2013-02-13

A quick read, it has some helpful advice on how to avoid wasting water.


Title: Cryptonomicon
Rating: 4
Author: Neal Stephenson
ISBN: 0-06-05-1280-6
Pages: 1152
Format: paperback
Started: 2012-11-25
Finished: 2013-02-10

Wow, a long book but worth the time. It's an interesting weave of past and present threads, that eventually converge. And it's got some interesting tidbits for computer and cryptography geeks!


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