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Here's the part of my site where I get to tell you what I've been up to, what I'm currently doing, what I may be into down the pike, or anything I might feel like expressing in a somewhat public fashion. If you see something here and have questions or thoughts that you'd like to communicate to me, you can use my contact form or look up my contact info here.

Note that dates and times for posts are listed using the U.S. Eastern Standard time zone, and times are listed in 24-hour format (e.g. 7:04AM is 07:04, 7:19PM is 19:19, etc.).



Title: Empire
Rating: 5
Author: Orson Scott Card
ISBN: 978-0-765-31611-0
Pages: 351
Format: hardcover
Started: 2012-01-09
Finished: 2012-01-10

Frighteningly realistic! A good lesson in political moderation.

The Case for Faith

Title: The Case for Faith
Rating: 5
Author: Lee Strobel
ISBN: 0-310-22015-7
Pages: 300
Format: paperback
Started: 2012-01-08
Finished: 2012-01-09

This book covers faith based on biblical Christianity, and relies heavily on “The Case for Christ” as a foundational premise. The chapter I found most helpful was “Objection #8: I Still Have Doubts, So I Can't Be a Christian”.

El sueño de América

Title: El sueño de América
Author: Esmeralda Santiago
ISBN: 978-0-06-092828-5
Pages: 344
Format: paperback
Started: 2012-01-07

Hand of Fate

Title: Hand of Fate
Rating: 4
Author: Lis Wiehl
ISBN: 978-1-59554-706-4
Pages: 311
Format: print
Started: 2012-01-01
Finished: 2012-01-05

Fun, quick mystery! I loved the twists!


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