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 +==== Near-Death Experiences,​ the Rest of the Story ====
 +| Title: | Near-Death Experiences,​ the Rest of the Story |
 +| Rating: | 2 |
 +| Author: | P.M.H. Atwater |
 +| ISBN: | 978-1-60671-205-4 |
 +| Pages: | 288 |
 +| Format: | Hardcover |
 +| Started: | ~2013-09-29 |
 +| Finished: | 2013-10-12 |
 +I was disappointed by this book.  I had hoped that it would be more useful, because it purports to be an observational analysis of near death experiences. ​ Unfortunately,​ it also contains a bunch of unsubstantiated "New Age Hooplah"​. ​ As far as the observation goes, it does show that there are a lot of common elements in these experiences. ​ But the hokum far outweighs the worth of the book.  Don't bother taking it out of the library, and definitely don't buy it!

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