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 +==== Year Zero ====
 +| Title: | Year Zero |
 +| Rating: | 4 |
 +| Author: | Rob Reid |
 +| ISBN: | 978-0-345-53448-4 |
 +| Pages: | 292 |
 +| Format: | ebook |
 +| Started: | 2013-10-14 |
 +| Finished: | 2013-10-21 |
 +I happened to read about a 99-cent sale of this ebook on [[http://​arstechnica.com/​business/​2013/​10/​op-ed-why-my-first-novel-will-only-cost-you-0-99/​|ArsTechnica.com]]. ​ At that price, even if it was a flop it wouldn'​t be a serious loss.  Turns out, it was more that worth it.  Year Zero reminds me of the "​Hitchhiker'​s Guide" books in terms of style. ​ It pokes fun at copyright, lawyers, and the music industry, by not only imagining "what if aliens pirated the entirety of earth'​s recorded music?",​ but by going one step further and asking "what if they wanted to come clean and pay for the fines?"​. ​ Even if I hadn't read it, and just glanced through it, I would definitely have bought this had I picked it up in a bookstore!

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